Manfred Kaufhold

Manfred Kaufhold
I was born in 1939 Schwerte. In 1968 I finished by PhD as chemist in Cologne. Since then I worked in an industrial R&D department and retired in September 2000. In 1970 I started to study different techniques of wood and linoleum printing. For me, however, even more important than the technique is the idea behind a picture. This is obvious from the title of my pictures. Apart from single exhibitions in Marl, Recklinghausen, Köln, Aachen, Dorsten, Dülmen and Herten I took part in larger exhibitions in Bochum, Essen, Dortmund and Lembeck.

Most of my works are part of pictures series as Kreuzweg (way of the cross), Vater unser (our father), Schöpfung-Fingerabdrücke Gottes (genesis – fingerprints of god), Gottes Nähe im Alltagsleben? (god in everyday life), Gottes-Bilder im Buch Daniel (pictures of god, book Daniel, old testament) and Gegensätze (contradictions).

In 1977 the book "Spuren ziehn" (leave traces) was published by the Dr. Ziethen Verlag (Oschersleben) including 21 pictures of my prints. In 2009 Barbara Erdmanns book "und hätte aber die Liebe nicht" (what if love didn´t...) including 5 fotographs of my prints was published by the Guest publishing house. After a serious illness and a resulting break I restarted printing in 2003 with a more open view. I focused particularly on the interplay of differently shaped figures.

Consequently I added the third room dimension, i.e. I started with sculpting. Since 2005 I´m producing sculptures soley from natural materials as marble, alabaster, soap stone (talc), and chalk or calcerous sandstone. These sculptures also show my personal characteristics, as may be evident from the series "sculptures" (see