Way of the Cross

Based on the tale of woe of Jesus, this series deals with the common human subjects as aggression, help, threat and deliverance.
The texts for the respective prints intend to inspire the viewer to think about the way of managing aggression and about handling misery.   --> visit gallery

The Lord's Prayer

Nach Oben
In the serie the Lords prayer, I tried to illustrate the feelings of humans with respect to the single petitions. The first petition represents the desire of human being towards an "above", a fixed point, a centre. Another represents the hope for forgiveness if we forgive.   --> visit gallery

God's Closeness in Everyday Life

This series deals with the various relations of mankind in alldays life.   --> visit gallery

Creation - Fingerprints of God

Schöpfung 1
This series deals with the relation to god who we can experience as the creator of nature. I try to illustrate the power of creation and joy of god. Every print shows strong hands as symbols forming something. They illustrate the creation power of god.   --> visit gallery

Images of God from the Book Daniel

Daniel 1
This series shows the various imaginations of god as well as relations to god: Daniel and his friends on the one side fully keeping their trust in god and on the other side Nebukadnezar being unable to forge close links neither to god or mankind.   --> visit gallery


Gegensätze 1
This series is based on the book Hiob (old testament). However, the later prints include different issues. According to the book no conversion between him and Satan emerges. Even god does not speek to him but only reprehends him. In contrast my prints show the synthesis of opposites in a way which should be possible for everybody: Two different parts come together, add to each other and form a homogenous entireness.   --> visit gallery

Growing Rings

Growing Rings
I got the idea for the print "around the ancient tower" (picture #2 in this gallery) during reading the poem "Um den uralten Turm" (around the ancient tower) from Rilke (in German):

Ich lebe mein Leben in wachsenden Ringen, die sich über die Dinge ziehn.
   (I live my life in growing rings, which cover every thing)
Ich werde den letzten vielleicht nicht vollbringen, aber versuchen will ich ihn.
  (Maybe I will not achieve the last one, but I am going to try)
Ich kreise um Gott, um den uralten Turm
  (I circle around God, arround the ancient tower)
und ich kreise jahrtausendelang
  (and I circle for a thousand years)
und ich weiß noch nicht: bin ich ein Falke, ein Sturm
  (and I don't know yet wether I am a hawk, a storm)
oder ein großer Gesang
  (or a great singing).
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Free Issues

Sprünge 2006
Since a short while I create woodprints of free issues. At this the joy at different forms outweighs the illustration of a conrete theme. I hope the observer takes the time to follow the lineshapes with his eyes and enjoys their beauty.   --> visit gallery


Also since a short time I started to engage myself in sculpture and to handle primarily lime sand brick next to soapstone. The results can be looked at in the this gallery.
  --> visit gallery

Special sculptures "lighted stones"

Because of the internal light the inner structure of the "lighted stones" can be seen.   --> visit gallery

Wood sculptures

In addition to my working with stones, I also create sculptures of different types of wood.   --> visit gallery